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Sustaining and Replenishing Better Access to Technology

Established in 2020, sarbat is a non-profit organization founded by Sahib Kaur to bridge the digital divide through free technological literacy classes. 

The Problem

  • Computer literacy, as defined by the American Library Association, is“the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.”

  • 16% of American adults are digitally illiterate in the United States of America. This means 52.5 million Americans don't know basic technical skills such as opening a document or sending an email.

  • Immigrants are disproportionately affected by the digital divide: While only 5% of native-born Americans have no computer experience, that percentage is 21% for foreign-born adults.

  • In a world surrounded by technology, not knowing technology is a huge setback for immigrants in the workforce.

"It is dangerously destabilizing to have half the world on the cutting edge of technology while the other half struggles on the bare edge of survival."

- Bill Clinton, 42nd US President

The Solution

  • Although local governments do provide some classes on computer basics,  it is not targeted towards immigrants and nor do they teach skills to establishing a digital presence to help them maximize their income and business.

  • The sarbat initiative will provide classes for digitally challenged people, training them on the basics of computer literacy: how to use computers, basic programs like Microsoft Office, effectively utilize email, avoid online fraud, build an online presence, and how to use the internet to maximize their income potential and career.

  • Also, our organization will continue to provide high-touch follow-up assistance even after the course, which the community classes do not.

Meet The Team

Managerial Team

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Keemya Razmgir

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Laraib Lakhani

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- Sahib Kaur, sarbat founder


Club Manager

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Kamran Ebrahim

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Sahib Kaur

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Ainsley Burkes

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Kush Kaur

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Founder,CEO, & President


Director of Marketing & Media

Board of Directors

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Surinder Singh

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Albert Hwang

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Board of Directors Member

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